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The legal team at Alexander Law Group is here for you when you need legal advice and resolution from an experienced Family Law Attorney for Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support and Enforcement, and other legal matters. William Alexander is your trusted Family Law Attorney and Divorce Lawyer in DeLand, DeBary, Deltona, Orange City, Holly Hill, and Daytona Beach.

Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce)

In the State of Florida, a divorce is called a Dissolution of Marriage. We understand that contemplating a divorce is an emotional and stressful situation for a family to endure. Our expert legal knowledge of all matters pertaining to Family Law combined with our caring attitude will give you comfort knowing that you have a compassionate family lawyer who will be fighting on your behalf for a successful and equitable resolution every step of the way.   

Timesharing/Child Custody

In an effort to maintain a positive and nurturing parental relationship as much as possible after a divorce, Florida has moved away from sole child custody rights. Although a parent may have primary custody of a child, Florida Family Law requires both parents to play an active and equal role in the health, welfare and education of their children.  As your family law lawyer in DeLand, I will help you understand the Timesharing and Parental Agreement that will be submitted to the court. And if the family dynamic changes, we can submit a Petition to Modify Custody or Visitation on your behalf.

Child Support and Enforcement

The State of Florida considers child support largely based on incomes. Since there are always exceptions and you may have other extenuating circumstances to be considered, it’s important to be represented by an experienced family law lawyer. Because once you’re locked into a child support agreement, you are legally bound to fulfill the obligation. Any modifications to child support agreements require court approval.

If you are not receiving court mandated child support payments, want to arrange a payment plan or need a modification or other relief, we can help. If necessary, we can litigate Title IV enforcement action for child support on your behalf.

We want to be your Family Law Attorney in DeLand and Daytona Beach. Call 386-734-3900 to schedule an appointment for a Free Consultation today!

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